How do I earn miles with Airbnb?

SkyMiles Members need to access via in order to earn Delta miles for Airbnb stays.

If I am not currently a member of the Delta SkyMiles program, how do I sign up?

You may click here to complete an enrollment and become a SkyMiles Member.  

Do I have to visit every time to earn miles?

Yes. Earning miles is applicable only for Airbnb transactions which are originated from Members need to visit this exclusive page every time so they can be redirected to Airbnb and earn miles. SkyMiles Members who go directly to Airbnb without first visiting will not be eligible for miles.

Do I have to do anything on after visiting from

No. As long as you initiate your Airbnb transactions from, they will be tracked so you can earn miles.

Does my name in my SkyMiles account need to match the name in my Airbnb account?

Yes. The name of the SkyMiles account number you enter on needs to match with the name of the Airbnb account. SkyMiles Members can only earn miles for bookings made from their own Airbnb accounts.  

If there are multiple people staying together at an Airbnb property, can everyone earn miles?

No. Only one Airbnb account holder can earn miles per Eligible Stay as long as his/her SkyMiles number was entered on prior to making the booking.

How soon after I complete a stay will I see miles post to my account?

Miles can take up to 8 weeks after your stay to be credited to your SkyMiles account. If more than 8 weeks have passed since you completed your stay and miles have not been posted to your account, please click here to request for Miles. To submit your request, first select Request Refund or Miles > Mileage Credit > Partners > Complete the rest of the form with the required information and include a screenshot of your Airbnb booking confirmation.

Can I request mileage credit for stays booked directly with Airbnb that did not originate from

No. Earning miles with SkyMiles is exclusively for members who have first visit prior to making their Airbnb booking.

What is required to be eligible for the standard mileage offer of 1 mile per dollar offer?

This offer is valid for all new and existing Airbnb members. SkyMiles Members who are already Airbnb members need to visit and then complete a booking on Airbnb. Miles are posted after the stay is completed.

What is required to be eligible for the New Guest Sign Up offer?

This offer is only valid for new Airbnb members referred by Delta and when booking qualifying stays prior to August 20, 2018. For stays booked on or after August 20, 2018, the All Guests Offer will apply regardless of new user status. SkyMiles Members need to visit, click on the “New Airbnb Guest” section and sign up as a new Airbnb member by setting up a new account. Members who are already signed up with Airbnb are not eligible for the New Guest offer but will be eligible for the standard mileage offer of 1 mile per $1.

How do I use my $25 new user Airbnb coupon code?

The $25 New Guest Coupon offer expired on August 19, 2018, and all existing coupons expired on at 11:59 PM EST on August 19, 2018.

I was given a $25 travel credit coupon but it didn’t work. What can I do?

The $25 New Guest Coupon was a limited time offer valid through August 19, 2018. If you received a $25 New Guest Coupon prior to August 20, 2018 it is valid and eligible for use.

If you are having problems using your coupon code, please click here, log into your Airbnb account and complete the form under the "Resolve an Issue" section. To complete the form, first select Traveling > Messaging and Booking > Special Offers > click on "I still need Help" > Send a message specifying your Delta coupon code isn’t working. Please include your booking number, coupon code and SkyMiles number.

Is there a cap on the number of miles I can earn for Airbnb bookings?

The sky is the limit! As long as you first visit before booking your Airbnb stay, you will earn Delta miles.

Will I still earn miles if I book a property on my Airbnb Business account?

Yes, as long as you first visit to be redirected to Airbnb.  

What charges or Airbnb fees are eligible to earn miles?

Accommodation and guest fees are applicable for earning miles. Government imposed taxes and fees are not considered for mileage credit. This is applicable for both guest stays and income thresholds for hosts.

What if I, as a guest, have to pay in another currency other than USD?

For currencies other than US dollars, Airbnb will calculate miles based on the currency exchange rate at the end of the month following the completion of your stay.

Is there a surcharge for Airbnb bookings that earn miles?

No. There are no additional charges associated to earning Delta miles for your Airbnb Stays.