Missing miles for completed stays?

Remember, Miles can take up to 8 weeks after your completed stay or host activity to be credited to your SkyMiles account. To be eligible for miles, each stay must originate from deltaairbnb.com.

If your stay was booked via deltaairbnb.com AND more than 8 weeks have passed since your completed activity, we kindly ask you to please click here to request Miles that may be due. To submit your request, first select Other SkyMiles Partners, then complete the rest of the form with the required information and include a screenshot of your Airbnb booking confirmation email. Once we have your completed request, including the Airbnb booking confirmation, we’ll work as quickly as possible with Airbnb to validate your activity. Once your activity is verified with Airbnb you can expect any missing miles to be posted within 21 days.

We regret any inconvenience you’ve experienced and appreciate your patience while we work to resolve. Thank you for your loyalty.